Dr. Arvinder Singh Chawla

With a career spanning over 41 years in teaching profession, Dr Chawla held various leadership positions in Punjabi University, Patiala and University of Rwanda.
In his professional career, he worked as Financial Advisor in a Kenyan Business Conglomerate. He participated in "Making Markets Work" and CPCL at Harvard Business School,USA.He was associated with Harvard Business School for coordinating their Executive Education initiative in East and South African Region. He also coordinated various projects in collaboration with USAID, Ministry of Health - Government of Rwanda.
He had been holding Adjunct Professor positions at Wilkes University, USA and University of South Pacific, Fiji.
He has supervised 27 students for PhD. D. degree, have 70 research papers, articles published in the reputed journals and authored/edited 11 books.
He is a training consultant with many government and private organizations in India and also a nominee director of two companies in India.

Detailed CV