Indian Management Studies Journal

Punjabi University Patiala

Basic principles

Authors submitting works to IMSJ should follow guidelines given as under:
Originality of article/paper: Authors are expected to submit original, previously unpublished content to IMSJ.
Plagiarism: IMSJ expects author to check for plagiarism before submission. Proper software such as urkund would be used by department to check the same. Any contribution not following plagiarism level would be rejected.
Dual Publication: Contributions should not be submitted for publication purposes in any other journal at same time. It is unacceptable academic practice to submit to more than one journal at the same time
Defamatory statements: Authors should avoid strictly any defamatory or unlawful statements. Constructive criticism regarding a policy is acceptable but contributions found having malicious or improper content would be rejected.
Fabricated data: authors should not use manipulated or false data in their researches. Proper source should be mentioned if data or content is used from already published sources.
Proof of consent: IMSJ requires that authors obtain proper written "proof of consent" for any named individuals or organizations

IMSJ will always make diligent efforts to ensure:
• professional and efficient conduct
• fair and objective conduct
• always approach the accused party to establish their position before making a decision or committing to a course of action.
• provide sufficient time for all parties to respond
• keep all parties informed of decisions, including the copyright owners, editors and authors

Grievance Procedure
The following Grievance Procedure outlines the process for addressing grievances by authors whose articles or other submissions are rejected for publication.
• The grievance must be submitted in writing to the Editor of the journal within seven days following a submission being rejected for publication.
• The grievance will be considered by the Editor and Editorial Advisory Board. The grievance will be resolved by taking a majority decision.
• The grievance will be acknowledged with 10 days of receipt and aimed to be resolved within 30 days.
• The decision will be in writing and will be final.