Dr. Navjot Kaur

Welcome to the School of Management Studies, Punjabi University Campus, Patiala. The School of Management Studies is four and half decade old management Institute, established way back in 1969 to provide quality management education in the country. Today SMS is one of the most reputed B School known for its national and international linkages. The credit for its success goes to its highly developed and dynamic faculty and strong alumni base. Our goal is to be a global business school providing managerial and technical skills as required by the society and corporates at the national and International level. To create and maintain academic excellence, we concentrate on research and our association with business and industry. Through academia-Industry linkages, we are able to understand the corporate dynamics in order to meet the global business challenges.

Our wisdom compels us to foster ethics, values and corporate Governance components in the teaching of various management Programs since we strongly believe that business without ethics is non-existent.

The School of Management Studies offers a prestigious two year regular management program with specialization in Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, Operations Management, Information Technology and International business etc. The School also offers MBA two year Global Business Program to prepare the students for the careers in Global Business Management in various top corporate enterprises. The school has collaboration with reputed Wilkes University based in Pennsylvania for prestigious MBA 1+1 program under which students spend one year in India and another year at Wilkes University towards completion of their program. The students of all regular programs are given an opportunity to visit various collaborating universities for various short duration credit and non credit courses.

The school of management studies also offers a flagship MBA program through distance learning for defence officers and Industrial managers. This program has been well received at the national level in various corporate enterprises during last about four decades. The school has recently started a certificate course in business analytics to develop problem solving approach and business analytical skills among the management students. The program is open to the students of any professional course besides the MBA and Ph.D. students.

The school also offers joint B.Tech-MBA Integrated programs in collaboration with the University College of Engineering, Punjabi University, Patiala. Recently a new Program namely B.Tech in TV and Film Production and MBA Integrated Program has been started in collaboration with the Centre for Advanced Media studies to prepare the students for diverse Techno-Managerial careers.

The School is known for its high quality research. The faculty is deeply engaged in research activity. Besides the research publication track record, the faculty has obtained research projects from various funding agencies. The school was granted financial assistance under Special Assistance Program of University Grants Commission in the field of Entrepreneurship Development to develop entrepreneurial competencies among the first and second generation entrepreneurs. The school also brings out a refereed bi-annual management journal namely Indian Management Studies Journal since last about two and half decades.

Recently a batch of 25 Ethiopian research scholars completed their Ph.D. course work and have got enrolled for Ph.D. program in the various functional areas of management. Another batch of about 20 such International students from African region will be joining us in July 2014. Our Ph.D. alumni is engaged in academics, Industrial Consultancy and research activities in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and various other Asia-Pacific, African and South East Asian countries. This shows the International reach of school of management studies in providing high quality business management and doctoral programs.

Our MBA program of study is built upon the solid foundation of business courses. This includes an up-to-date curriculum, outstanding faculty with mix of industry and teaching experience, spacious classrooms, well equipped computer Labs and smart class room facility. We have collaborations with universities from USA, Canada, Fiji Islands, Ethiopia, Nepal, China, Thailand and many more such Institutions from different other parts of the world.

The school has established various research and training centres such as Centre for Business Policy Research and Development, Centre for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, Centre for Strategy and Leadership, Centre for Human Resource Management and centre for Economic Competitiveness etc to provide training, consultancy and research support to the business and Industry in the country in a organized way.

The school hosts the distinguished Lectures on regular basis that bring to campus some of the top leaders from the corporate sector. Every year School organizes national & international seminars and conferences to deliberate upon various current managerial issues which support the overall development of students. During the academic year well established corporate enterprises visit our school for the for campus placements. Students here have many opportunities to become involved in activities outside the classroom such as the students cultural workshops, talent hunts, CSR activities etc to broaden their horizons of knowledge.

I welcome you to be a part of this holistic endeavor. A management degree from the School of Management Studies can truly be your passport to the world! Large career opportunities await you as a student of SMS–MBA program. Please contact my office or myself personally if I can be of any help to you in addressing to your queries as to our programs of study.

My thanks are due to all our stakeholders for their regular feedback towards enriching and restructuring various programs of study of SMS.